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“On the two school days of your assigned teachers’ convention, you have a legal and professional responsibility to attend convention. If you are not able to make it safely to your assigned convention, however, your collective agreement may include impassable roads or inclement weather clauses that you can access. If your collective agreement does not include language specific to road conditions or weather, you may make use of the personal leave clauses of your agreement in most cases. Please be aware that using any of these types of leave may require you to pay substitute costs, forego a portion of your salary and benefits, or report to your school or another work location in your district. Refer to your collective agreement for more information. Should you require any additional information or if you need assistance interpreting your collective agreement, please contact Teacher Employment Services at 1-800-232-7208 or 780-447-9400.”
This information is also found on the Frequently Asked Questions page on the ataconventions.ca website. If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact me by e-mail at Daniel.Maas@ata.ab.ca.


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Thursday, February 23

8:30am MST

10:15am MST

11:45am MST

Using the Optional Assessments in the BAS to Identify & Track Student Progress Telus 109Siobhan Murphy Effectively differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all students (K-6). Macleod Hall E3Samantha Smith Elementary School Classroom Management for New Teachers Telus 108Sean Hartley Digital Human Library | Virtual Reality & Experts in the Classroom Telus 104Sherri Ross Equity, Inclusion and Schools: Reflections for Educators Telus 107Nannette Gropp • Theresa McIsaac Foundations of Healthy Eating for Elementary School Glen 203Mary Block • Teach Nutrition Sex Ed for Today’s Classrooms: Consent, Porn, SOGIE and Sexting Ideation 4Nicole Inglis Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports - 101 Macleod Hall E4Jennifer Raitz • Kelsey Bagnall Fractions in Division 1 Macleod Hall E1Wanda Dechant (PRE-REG MAX 30) An Introduction to Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics in Middle Years Ideation 2/3Landry Forand • Alicia Huculak • Andrea Vance Teaching Statistics in Math and Science with Code and Data Science Glen 209Byron Chu • Mary Grant CONNECTING THE DOTS - ELEMENTARY DOMINO MATH GAMES Glen 201/202Lori Triplett (PRE-REG MAX 30) Not Monopoly... Engaging Students Using Unorthodox Board Games CoLab(Former Telus 111)Duane Sovyn Ideas on Developing Beginner Drum Set Players within the class Ideation 1Teena Trick-Wilks Students with Scars: Understanding Self Injury Macleod Hall E2Ariel Haubrich What the heck is Mindfulness? Telus 105Cher Brasok The New Code of Professional Conduct. What is it? How does it affect me? Glen 206Michelle Glavine Holocaust Studies; Now What? Telus 101/102Lindsay Anderson Créer un portfolio d’apprentissage avec Google Sites Telus 103Laurie Couture Les outils libres et gratuits de La Digitale pour dynamiser l’enseignement Telus 106Audrey Miller Directing: Making Mischief!! Telus 110David Snider Structured Literacy in the classroom - what does it look like in English and in French Immersion Glen 208Annie Fofonoff

1:15pm MST

Using Riddles and Unsolvable Problems to Encourage Oral Language and Problem Solving Skills in Your Classroom Imperial 9Karena Hartson Evidence Based Strategies for Deep Learning Macleod Hall E3Daniel Maas PRISM—Professionals Respecting Individual and Sexual Minorities ATA Glen 204Anna Ponce Fluency in the Secondary Classroom Macleod Hall BMiriam Ramzy • Michelle Bence Reduce and rethink: Moving to a zero-waste school Imperial 4Stephanie Alcock Embrace Nature: Weaving the Outdoors Into School Experiences Imperial 7Theresa McIsaac • Lisa Baker Foundations of Healthy Eating for Junor High and High School Glen 203Mary Block • Teach Nutrition Students as Change Makers for Healthy Schools Imperial 1Nathan White Words Matter: Promoting a Positive Relationship with Food Telus 103Cyndi Adams • Mariel Fajer Gomez Engineering and sustainability in First Nations fish harvesting traditions Glen 209Byron Chu Inclusive Reading Pedagogies - sharing insights and what works in a middle years classroom Imperial 3Linda Lapere REPEAT SESSION: Fractions in Division 1 Macleod Hall E1Wanda Dechant Implementation of Curriculum and Assessment with Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics at your School Ideation 2/3Landry Forand • Alicia Huculak • Andrea Vance Buddy Teachers + Buddy Classrooms = Math Success Glen 201/202Lori Triplett (PRE-REG MAX 30) REPEAT SESSION: Not Monopoly... Engaging Students Using Unorthodox Board Games CoLab(Former Telus 111)Duane Sovyn • Justin Acierto Give Kids their Wildhood Back! Glen 205David Chorney Appendre à prendre soin de soi et à être bienveillant pour favoriser le bienêtre collectif Macleod Hall E4Nancy Goyette ATRF Your Pension Essentials Macleod Hall E2Dana Adams Le nouveau Code de conduite professionnelle : de quoi s’agit-il et en quoi me concerne-t-il? Glen 206Anne-Marie Huizing No Needles Required: Acupressure for Stress Relief Telus 105Cher Brasok Where Was I? Oh Yea - THIS! Imperial 5Sherri Ross (PRE-REG MAX 30) OFF-SITE Calgary Zoo: Animal Nutrition Off-SiteConservation-Educators Calgary-Zoo Initier les élèves à la programmation au primaire avec Swift Playgrounds pour iPad Telus 108Audrey Miller Mieux s’organiser au quotidien avec le numérique Telus 101/102Alexandra Coutlée Werklund School of Education Undergraduate Student Poster Display on Interdisciplinary Learning and STEM Education Hallway outside Imperial RoomsCynthia Prasow Inspirational Thinking Macleod Hall DGarfield Gini-Newman (PRE-REG MAX 30) IMPERIAL 6 DUE TO WEATHER NOT OFF-SITE We All Belong in Nature: Ecojustice in Outdoor Education Imperial 6Jaclyn Angotti • Sheri Tarrington Développer les habiletés orales par le jeu : Partie 1 Telus 109Marie-Josee Fortier Kairos Blanket Exercise Imperial 8Lindsay Anderson • Charity Tegler The Hunger Games: That Kid’s Just Looking for Attention… Imperial 2Ariel Haubrich Hands On In The Science 10 Global Systems Unit Ideation 1Barry Edgar Créer des documents et vidéos pédagogiques magnifiques grâce à Canva Telus 106Laurie Couture Digital Storytelling: Introductory Workshop Telus 104Kristy Wolfe

2:45pm MST

The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Continuum: A Tool for Assessment, Planning, and Teaching Glen 203Siobhan Murphy Listening is Caring: Information on and skill practice in Empathic Active Listening Macleod Hall E2Judy Arnall Picture Books Galore! Macleod Hall E1Kim Tackaberry Transfer Strategies to Create Engaged and Excited Learners Imperial 9Karena Hartson OMG! What if I really AM the best person? Macleod Hall AShari Graydon Voice Acting: Finding Your Voices! Telus 110David Snider Student Voice Leading Change: A Review of the Slow Pedagogy of Place and Nature Journaling Literature Glen 208Barbara Calabrese Bâtir une communauté de lecteurs grâce au cercle de lecture 2.0 Telus 108Audrey Miller Grief in my Backpack: A new online resource for school communities to provide support to students who are grieving Macleod Hall BNadine Gariepy-Fisk Let's talk about Sex Education, Baby! Imperial 3Andrea Mishio Nutrition Myths Telus 103Céileann Regan • Christine Fletcher Can you see the light through the forest? A new way to look at curriculum design. Macleod Hall E3Kelsey Bagnall • Kirsty Read Shake Up Your Fact Fluency Practice Glen 201/202Lori Triplett (PRE-REG MAX 30) Math & Science Education Comes to Life for All Learners with ExploreLearning Gizmos CoLab(Former Telus 111)Lindsay Beaulieu Making Physical Education Meaningful for Today's Students Glen 205David Chorney Teaching the New Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum Without Breaking a Sweat (JK, You’ll be Sweating!) Imperial 4Nathan White • Health & Physical Education Council If You Can't Fail, You Can't Succeed: How to Practice Risk Glen 204Julianne Harvey Looking Ahead to New Adventures, Presented by The Alberta Retired Teachers' Association Imperial 7Gordon Cumming The Stress of Change Telus 105Cher Brasok Questions School Leaders Ask Teacher Employment Services Glen 206Michelle Glavine (PRE-REG MAX 30) OFF-SITE Calgary Zoo: Adaptations and Biodiversity through Destination Africa Off-SiteConservation-Educators Calgary-Zoo Incorporating Data Visualization Exercises into your Lessons Glen 209Byron Chu "We Speak for the Trees" Imperial 5Bill Belsey CANCELLED Sleight of Hand Sleight of Mind… the magic behind war propaganda Imperial 1Greg Hunter Trucs et curiosités numériques « coup de cœur » Telus 101/102Alexandra Coutlée
Friday, February 24

8:30am MST

A Game Changer Approach to Behaviour Macleod Hall E4Rita Kruger Trauma - make a lasting impact by building resilience CoLab(Former Telus 111)Brenda Straw • Angela Pochakom Reading, Writing, Speaking - The Metacognitive Connection Imperial 9Karena Hartson Lighten Up! Macleod Hall DDanny Bateman S.O.S. (Survival, Organization, and Success) - Strategies for Beginning Teachers Glen 208Greg Overguard Second language - Unit booklets Telus 105Lee Wynder ASEBP Benefit Overview Presentation Ideation 2/3Tenjie Wilson • Louise Niles • Joanna Szymczyk Don't let weight weigh you down Imperial 7Andrea Mishio Heart-based Meditation in a Classroom Setting Macleod Hall CMatt Boisvert The 3 R’s: Relax, Renew and Refocus. All you have to do is lie there. Imperial 6Susan Agrios Tell a Story: Introductory Photo Story Workshop Glen 202Kristy Wolfe Suspect Child Abuse - now what! When to call, what happens next? Telus 104Breanna Hyland • Linda Shima Teaching Alberta’s NEW Human Sexuality Curriculum for Grades 4, 5 and 6 Telus 107Nicole Inglis Think FASD ! Macleod Hall E1Danna Ornstrup Full Circle—Understanding the Social Implications of Indigenous Realities: ATA Workshop Telus 106Stacey Running-Rabbit Bringing the Joy of Reading to Secondary Classrooms Telus 110Jodi Taylor Mathematics: All Are Welcome! All Belong! Imperial 3Dave Martin L’aisance avec les nombres - 6 actions pour développer la confiance en maths (2e à 6e année) Glen 204Renée Michaud Teacher VS. Students: Math Games for Upper Elementary Imperial 8Lori Triplett From Confidence, to Skill Development, and Finally Transfer: How FSD Supported Grade 1-3 Readers and Mathematicians Macleod Hall BShelly Read • Miriam Ramzy • Katlin Strand • Marsi Quarin-Wright There's a part for UKEs! Glen 209Christina O'Brien ATRF Steps to Receiving Your Pension Macleod Hall E2Dana Adams Cultivate Stronger Competency Skills Glen 201Julianne Harvey President Schilling: Unplugged Macleod Hall AJason Schilling (PRE-REG MAX 30) OFF-SITE Calgary Zoo: Reproduction & Population Management Off-SiteConservation-Educators Calgary-Zoo Social Justice in the New Republic: Plato, Machiavelli, and Catholic Social Justice Imperial 2Gerard McLarney Layering Team Meeting Structures to Support ALL Students: How Instructional Leaders Establish the Conditions Glen 206Kurtis Hewson (PRE-REG MAX 30) OFF-SITE Calgary Zoo: Inspiring Conservation Action: Student led inquiry for change Off-SiteConservation-Educators Calgary-Zoo Article 23 de la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés (Droits à l’instruction dans la langue de la minorité) : un exemple de droit collectif de la minorité francophone en Alberta Macleod Hall E3Simon Pagé Ma classe géniale grâce à Genially! Telus 108Laurie Couture Introduire les ateliers de classe avec une variété d’outils numériques au primaire Telus 103Audrey Miller Art-Maker Lab (A multiple activity, asynchronous Art-learning environment.) Telus 101/102Michael Shain (PRE-REG MAX 30) OFF-SITE Outdoor Learning: Making it happen all Winter! (due to extreme cold this session will be IN AND OUT of the Environmental Learning Centre) Off-SiteAndrea Barnes • Roland Kirzinger Développer les habiletés orales par le jeu : Partie 2 Telus 109Marie-Josee Fortier Facial Reflexology for self-care and better health workshop Imperial 1Katalin Mackenzie Physics 20 Labs – Hey! Who’s making the decisions? Ideation 1Barry Edgar (PRE-REG MAX 30) Nose Hill LIBRARY (Program Room) OFF-SITE Why Grasslands CAN and WILL save the world! Nose Hill LIBRARY (Program Room)Sheri Tarrington • Vanessa Bilan CANCELLED The Causes of War, Realism and The New Cold War (Part 1) Imperial 5Greg Hunter (PRE-REG MAX 40) OFF-SITE Indigenous Perspectives Workshop Off-SiteWalter White-Bear • Russ Baker • Randy Bottle

10:00am MST

Let's talk about consent Macleod Hall E2Brenda Straw • Anita Swanson Where do I start? Differentiated Instruction and Assessment Macleod Hall E1AAC Facilitator (TBA) Do marks make the grade? Imperial 3Dave Martin Game Changers: Why Connection? Why Not? Macleod Hall E4Rita Kruger Why is Reading and Writing in the Subject Areas So Hard?!? Imperial 9Karena Hartson Neuf jeux à l'oral pour le secondaire Glen 209Frederic Rioux Building Body Positive Girls Imperial 7Andrea Mishio MINDFITNESS Workout: A Revolutionary Approach To Fitness Imperial 6Susan Agrios REPEAT SESSION: Teaching Alberta’s NEW Human Sexuality Curriculum for Grades 4, 5 and 6 Telus 108Nicole Inglis Grow your own sprouts Telus 105Lee Wynder Classroom and Teaching Strategies for Students with FASD Telus 103Patricia Kincaid Profiles of Giftedness Telus 110Kim Tackaberry • Jodi Taylor Motivating Students – Practical Applications of Self-determination Theory Macleod Hall DDanny Bateman Div. 2 Teachers: What do I Need to Know About Teaching Reading? Macleod Hall BMiriam Ramzy • Michelle Bence Utiliser l’image pour engager vos élèves en maths (1ère à 6e année) Glen 204Renée Michaud Power Play Primary Place Value and Number Line Games Imperial 8Lori Triplett Technology in the Math Classroom | a look at Casio graphing calculators Telus 107Peter Hill Build a Moral Conscience in your Students Glen 201Julianne Harvey Resume BootCamp Telus 106John-Mark Crane Sick Leave: ATA Glen 202Michelle Glavine Life’s Biggest Questions: A Guide for the Perplexing Discussions Imperial 2Gerard McLarney Via Pulchritudinis - The Way of Beauty Glen 205Ryan Fox Strategies for Effectively Facilitating Team Meetings Glen 206Kurtis Hewson (PRE-REG MAX 30) OFF-SITE Calgary Zoo: Waste and the Penguin World; A behind the scenes look at how we maintain our penguin pool Off-SiteConservation-Educators Calgary-Zoo (PRE-REG MAX 30) OFF-SITE Calgary Zoo: Conservation Science Off-SiteConservation-Educators Calgary-Zoo Seeing Sound - an introduction to Cymatics Macleod Hall CMatt Boisvert Turning Satisfactory to Excellent - Best Practices for Social 30-2 Diploma Writing Assignments Glen 208Greg Overguard Les voyageurs et la présence des Canadiens-Français en Alberta Macleod Hall E3Simon Pagé La classe immersive : intégrer la réalité augmentée en classe Telus 104Alexandra Coutlée (PRE-REG MAX 30) OFF-SITE Calgary Zoo: Nature Journaling Through Destination Africa Off-SiteConservation-Educators Calgary-Zoo

11:30am MST

Aligning Current Assessments To New Curriculum Macleod Hall E1AAC Facilitator (TBA) A Class Full of Classrooms - Working within a module based framework Telus 108Rob Vanderlee Bringing Agriculture into the Classroom Imperial 1Nanita Blomquist Help! School is too busy for learning! Glen 208Cheryl Babin La puissance des questions ouvertes en maths (1ère à 3e année) Glen 204Renée Michaud Growing Into STEM with Micro:bits Imperial 6Daniel Maas • John Houston Immersive Wildlife Education for Your Classroom! Telus 109Inside Education • Inside Education At Your Hospital Bed Telus 105Lee Wynder MyRetiree Plan Presentation Imperial 4Louise Niles • Joanna Szymczyk MINDFITNESS Breaks: Quick Techniques to Create a Calm, Focused & Fit Classroom Macleod Hall BSusan Agrios How to teach humour for stress relief, life skills and fun! Glen 202Susan Carter My Life as a Student with ADHD Macleod Hall E2Danny Bateman Tour the Weaving Ways Resource and Empowering the Spirit Website Imperial 7Donna Ross Finding Our Way in Indigenous Education—Connecting Hearts and Minds ATA Telus 104Tessa Ethier Let's Talk Phonics Macleod Hall E3Kristy Dunn Outstanding Opening Paragraphs Imperial 9Karena Hartson Write On: Hands-On Activities To Get Your Students Going Telus 101/102Miranda Krogstad • Alexis Kelly (PRE-REG MAX 30) OFF-SITE Calgary Zoo: Numeracy in Asia Off-SiteConservation-Educators Calgary-Zoo Building Relationships with Parents for Positive Sport Experiences Macleod Hall E4Leigh Bretzlaff Cover Letter Bootcamp Telus 106John-Mark Crane Place aux jeux! - L’apprentissage par le jeu en classe  Glen 205Monique Gravel Financial Wellness 101 Glen 206Elizabeth Walton Waves of Innovation Impacting Education Imperial 3Paul Bohnert Authentic Worship | understanding & teaching the connection between worship & purity Telus 107Peter Hill The Psalms, Air Pods, and God Imperial 2Gerard McLarney (PRE-REG MAX 30) OFF-SITE Calgary Zoo: Plant Trek Off-SiteConservation-Educators Calgary-Zoo Le sketchnoting : pour voir l’invisible! Telus 110Laurie Couture Accompagner l'autonomie et la responsabilisation face aux écrans Telus 103Stéphanie Dionne Assessment that Inspires, Sustains and Informs Learning Macleod Hall DGarfield Gini-Newman Responding to sexualized behavior in schools. Ideation 2/3Katarina Zunjic • Cailey Hartwick Taming Anxiety Gremlins & Promoting Student Resilience Using the Anxiety Compass Macleod Hall CCaroline Buzanko Rethinking Challenging Kids - An Introduction to Collaborative Problem Solving® Imperial 8Matt Sticksl Magic The Gathering: Bringing Students Together Through the Power of Cards Glen 209Ryan Hatch • Robert Metcalfe (PRE-REG MAX 30) Nose Hill LIBRARY (Program Room) OFF-SITE Wild Wellness, it’s in YOUR nature Nose Hill LIBRARY (Program Room)Sheri Tarrington • Vanessa Bilan Creative Practices to Sustain the Soul Glen 201Julianne Harvey Coulomb's law (Linking Classroom, Curriculum, Lab Activities and Diploma Exams) Ideation 1Barry Edgar CANCELLED The Causes of War, Realism and The New Cold War (Part 2) Imperial 5Greg Hunter

1:00pm MST

Teaching Art with no art room, no budget and lots of kids Glen 202Susan Carter Creating Success Criteria For New Curricular Learning Outcomes Macleod Hall E1AAC Facilitator (TBA) Daunted by Data? Use it to Do-Good! Glen 208Nadine Dack-Doi • Cheryl Babin Engaging All Students—Moving from Fact-Based to Concept-Based Learning Environments Telus 103Frank McClernon Understanding UDL Using PBL, CBL and IBL Imperial 3Paul Bohnert La puissance des questions ouvertes en maths (4e à 6e année) Glen 204Renée Michaud Environmental STEM Projects with Micro:bits Imperial 6Craig Baskerville • Daniel Maas Let's Talk About Identity Power and Privilege Macleod Hall E2Shanley Nguyen Calm Classroom: A Calm Mind Is A Focused Mind Macleod Hall BSusan Agrios Sexual Health Education: How to Answer Student Questions Telus 108Nicole Inglis Engaging in Numeracy and Connections through First Nations, Métis and Inuit Traditional Games - NEW ATA Imperial 4Tessa Ethier Indigenous Content in the new Teaching Quality Standard—Moving from Inspiring to Requiring Telus 106Stacey Running-Rabbit Using a Digital Library with the New English Language Arts Curriculum Telus 105Karen Filewych From Keats to Beats Telus 101/102Miranda Krogstad • Alexis Kelly Do the Math: Whole Number & Fraction Interventions Glen 205Gerry Varty Supporting mathematics problem solving instruction with metacognitive self-regulation strategies Telus 109Meadow Schroeder • Sarah Hamilton • Dana Braunberger Promote Yourself: Resumes and Cover Letters that Get Noticed: ATA Imperial 9Nancy Luyckfassel Counting Time: ATA Glen 206Michelle Glavine The Purity Pandemic | dealing with disaster in our postmodern world Telus 107Peter Hill The Lion, the Witch, and the Teacher: A Theological Perspective on the Life and Writings of C.S Lewis Imperial 2Gerard McLarney Connect to YOUR watershed! Imperial 7Joe Fowler (PRE-REG MAX 30) OFF-SITE Calgary Zoo: Bringing Citizen Science into the Classroom Off-SiteConservation-Educators Calgary-Zoo (PRE-REG MAX 30) OFF-SITE Calgary Zoo: The One and Only Ivan; how stories stimulate inquiry Off-SiteConservation-Educators Calgary-Zoo Le balado : un outil de développement professionnel à la portée de tous Telus 104Alexandra Coutlée Le plan de travail numérique, pour des élèves autonomes Telus 110Laurie Couture STEM Education to Save The World Macleod Hall E3Nicole Felicitas

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